Age Range: Any

  • This programme has been designed for students who want to embark the journey to memorise the words of Allah swt, with a structed system in place we aid our students every step of the way to not only memorise the Quran but also how to act upon the words they are memorising. At the same time, all hifz students are expected to learn the Tajweed rules whilst memorising the Quran to ensure the Quran is being preserved and memorised correctly.
  • Qur’an recitation and Tajweed
  • Du’a memorisation
  • Surah memorisation
  • Set homework for progression

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£60 Per Month

Parents/Guardians are expected to make payments on the first weekend of every month.

Please Note:

For the first month only, £100 is charged in total – as the additional £35 is used to confirm seat at the Academy, Administration Costs as well as Material. Please refer to the Materials tab for more information.

  • Du’a Book
  • Surah Book
  • Qur’an / Qa’idah / Juzz’ Amma (depending on level)
  • Homework Diary
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