Our Team

Ustaadh Mijanul Islam (Head Teacher & Founder) Ustaadh Mijanul has completed memorisation of the Quran at a very young age and has mastered the Qirat of Imam Hafs with ijazah, he is now further studying the 7 types of Qir'at to gain ijazah from the wold renowned Qari: Sheikh Bashir Ahmed Siddiq. (Teacher of many Imams of the Haramain) Ustaadh Mijanul has partaken in the world renowned competition Q factor and secured a 2nd place at the competition. He was a Teacher serving at many masaajid across London and has numerous amount of experience in the field of Islamic teaching. In 2019 Ustaadh Mijanul founded Taha Academy

Ustaadh Abdul Haleem – Teaching and Learning Coordinator

Ustaadh Abdul Haleem is the Co Founder of Thurrock Muslim Parent Society, he is also a parent Governor at Aveley Primary School. Ustaadh Abdul Haleem has partaken in many Islamic courses gaining Ijazah in various Islamic sciences.

Ustaadh Abdul Haleem is currently serving as a Khateeb at Aveley Cultural Society

Ustaadh Mahfuz Ahmed – Deputy Head Teacher

Ustaadh Abu Yusha Al Azhari

Ustaadh Siratul Islam

Ustaadh Ubaid Islam

Ustaadh Arif Rahman (Teaching Assistant)

Ustaadh Ruhul Ahmed

Ustaadh Arafat Ahmed

Ustaadh Ehsan Islam (Teaching Assistant)

Ustaadha Fabiha Khannom

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